Blending tradition and heritage to enhance modern lives.

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Blackstony is an up-and-coming Islamic gift brand aiming to elevate the gift experience through products that skillfully blend tradition and innovation. They aim to become leaders in innovative and meaningful gifts that spark joy and create connections.

Gifts that spark joy through faith and heritage.


Blackstony's mission is to create innovative gifts that honor Islamic tradition and values, helping everyone build the perfect collection for sharing joy. Their products represent and celebrate Makkah and Madinah's rich culture and craftsmanship while incorporating modern design.


“The brand was founded by Ibrahim Alhaji, a Makkan-origin family who wanted to modernize his cultural heritage through meaningful gift-giving. 'Blackstony' pays homage to the Black Stone of the Kaaba.”

Innovating while honoring heritage.

The brand was founded by Ibrahim Alhaji, a Makkan-origin family who wanted to modernize his cultural heritage through meaningful gift-giving. 'Blackstony' pays homage to the Black Stone of the Kaaba.


To be the leader in innovative and meaningful gifts.


It aims to produce heirloom quality gifts that will be treasured for generations, like a prayer mat reminding people by Makkah and Medina.

  • Product diversification: Develop a diverse range of innovative and meaningful gift products that cater to various occasions, preferences, and age groups.
  • Market expansion and Increase market penetration by entering new geographical markets and reaching a broader customer base.
  • Brand awareness and Strengthen Blackstoney brand recognition through strategic marketing and promotional efforts, emphasizing Blackstoney the commitment to producing heirloom-quality gifts.
  • Sustainable materials and Focus on using eco-friendly and sustainable materials in manufacturing to minimize environmental impact.
  • E-commerce optimization and Develop and optimize a user-friendly e-commerce Blackstoney platform to provide customers with a seamless online shopping experience.
  • Supply chain efficiency and Streamlining the supply chain process to ensure the timely delivery of products and reduce operational costs.
  • Customer engagement and fostering long-term customer relationships through personalized and attentive customer service.
  • Invest in research and development to develop new and inventive gift ideas continuously.
  • Leverage digital channels, including social media, email marketing, and content marketing, to engage with customers and promote the Blackstoney brand.
  • Achieve financial stability and sustainable growth through cost-effective operations and prudent financial management.


Elevating gift giving through Islamic values.

Honoring tradition through innovation.

Gifts that preserve the beauty and evoke mindfulness.

Thoughtful products that spark moments of joy.

Meaningful gifts that make a difference.

Ibrahim says their mission is "to make gifting an act of joy, thoughtfulness, and connection. We want to preserve beauty and tradition while using innovation to make traditional gift-giving more meaningful in today's busy lives."

“ He sees Blackstony as helping revive Islamic art and craft making by tying it to modern product design. The brand aims to produce gifts that surprise and delight customers through a unique blend of heritage and creativity. ”

" Blackstony's current product range includes prayer rugs, musk perfume, and digital art showing the beauty of Makkah and madenahThis core collection aims to bring beauty and mindfulness into people's daily lives while honoring heritage. "

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" In the future, Blackstony hopes to develop more meaningful experience gifts that invoke contemplation and community. "